Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A way to resolve bugs

I just found a nice blog post by Chris Missal titled "How I Approach a Defect" via a tweet by Elijah Manor.
Chris outlines the systematic approach he takes when solving programming bugs (defects, as he calls them). He underlines the fundamental notion that you should actually fix the problem not just get the right answer for a particular case.
Like Five Ws (5Ws) Chris Missal's defect solving framework tries to ascertain that proper solution has been applied to remove defect by answering following questions:

Does This Solve the Problem? 

Is This Flexible, Maintainable, Clear and Simple?

Does This Leave the Code Better Than I Found It?

Is It Covered with Tests to be Future-Proof?

Is There Any Code that was Commented Out or Stale?

Do Any Named Variables or Classes Exist that Aren't Clear?

Are All Changes Relevant to the Fix?

Please read his post for details of what these questions mean.
Happy Coding!

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